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Darren LeMay is a contributor at Ultiworld Disc Golf, practicing disc golfer and volunteer soccer dad. When not working as a finance auditor he attends girls youth soccer practices and tournaments all over the Orlando area literally five or six days a week leaving just enough time to never play disc golf. He loves playing disc golf.

  1. What Does History Tell Us about the MPO Round 1 Results At 2023 Pro Worlds?

    You can't win during the opening round, but you do have stay close

  2. History Says Only 12 Players Are Still Alive for an MPO World Championship

    How far back can you be?

  3. Paul McBeth Is On the Longest Losing Streak of His Career

    For the first time, McBeth has lost 12 tournaments in a row.

  4. Five Questions for Eagle McMahon

    Checking in with Eagle.

  5. Eagle Soars to Second Major Win at European Open

    McMahon shot the highest average round rating at a major in history

  6. Ricky Wysocki Has Never Lost a Major at WR Jackson

    Wysocki got his first-ever win at the 2011 PDGA Championship at the IDGC and followed it up with a win there at the 2017 World Championships.

  7. 2021 Shot Of The Year: James Conrad At Pro Worlds

    The shot heard round the world

  8. 2021 Shot Of The Year: Final Four

    Four of disc golf's most exciting moments battle for top honors

  9. 2021 Putt Of The Year: Finals

    The edge-of-your-seat moments that defined the season

  10. 2021 Air Shot Of The Year: Finals

    Scrambles, metal hits, and chainouts -- oh my!

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