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PlayerYearsDurationTypeCompanyTotal ValueAvg. ValueLinks
Ella Hansen2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Gavin Rathbun20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Kevin Kiefer III2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Connor O’Reilly20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Tristan Tanner20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Cole Redalen2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Announcement
Dustin Keegan20231 yrNew--Announcement
Heidi Laine2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Announcement
Natalie Ryan2023 – 20275 yrsExtension--Announcement
Jake Monn20231 yrNew--Announcement
Paige Shue20231 yrNew--Announcement
Austin Turner20231 yrNew--Announcement
Linus Carlsson2023 – 20275 yrsExtension--Announcement
Simon Lizotte2023 – 203210 yrsNew--Read More
Zach Melton20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Madison Walker20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Jake Hebenheimer20231 yrNew--Announcement
Anthony Barela2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Read More
Austin Hannum20231 yrNew--Announcement
Ezra Aderhold2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Read More
Valerie Mandujano20231 yrNew--Read More
Corey Ellis2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Read More
Aaron Gossage20231 yrExtension--Read More
Holyn Handley20231 yrNew--Read More
Brodie Smith2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Read More
James Conrad2023 – 20264 yrsExtension--Announcement
Maria Oliva20231 yrNew--Announcement
Rebecca Cox20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Silver Lätt2023 – 20253 yrsExtension--Announcement
Chandler Fry20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Gavin Babcock20231 yrNew--Announcement
Mason Ford2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Announcement
Catrina Allen20231 yrExtension--Announcement
James Proctor20231 yrNew--Announcement
Lisa Fajkus20231 yrNew--Announcement
Robert Burridge20231 yrNew--Announcement
Erika Stinchcomb20231 yrNew--Announcement
Scott Withers20231 yrNew--Announcement
James Proctor20231 yrNew--Announcement
Eric Oakley20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Evan Smith20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Alexis Mandujano20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Maria Oliva20231 yrNew--Read More
Ohn Scoggins2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Joel Freeman2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Jennifer Allen2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Eveliina Salonen2023 – 20253 yrsExtension--Announcement
Henna Blomroos2023 – 20253 yrsExtension--Announcement
Hailey King20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Garrett Gurthie2023 – 20253 yrsExtension--Announcement
Kat Mertsch2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Philo Brathwaite20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Nathan Queen20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Jessica Weese20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Bradley Williams20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Holly Finley20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Joona Heinänen2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Announcement
Emily Beach20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Stacie Rawnsley20231 yrNew--Announcement
Matt Bell2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Stacie Hass2023 – 20242 yrsExtension--Announcement
Calvin Heimburg2023 – 20275 yrsExtension--Read More
Chandler Kramer20231 yrExtension--Read More
AJ Carey20231 yrNew--Announcement
Deann Carey20231 yrNew--Announcement
Chris Clemons20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Alden Harris20231 yrExtension--Read More
Macie Velediaz20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Emerson Keith20231 yrNew--Read More
Andrew Presnell20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Andrew Fish20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Vanessa Van Dyken20231 yrExtension--Announcement
Thomas Gilbert2023 – 20242 yrsNew--Read More
Kyle Klein2023 – 20264 yrsExtension--Read More
Nikko Locastro2022 – 20253 yrsNew--Read More
Cale Leiviska2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--
Luke Humphries2022 – 20254 yrsExtension--
Väinö Mäkelä2022 – 20265 yrsRestructure--
Missy Gannon2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Lauri Lehtinen2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Chris Dickerson2022 – 20254 yrsNew--Read More
Matt Orum2022 – 20232 yrsNew--Read More
Casey White2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Gannon Buhr2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Ricky Wysocki2022 – 20254 yrsNew$4,000,000$1,000,000Read More
Kona Panis2022 – 20254 yrsNew$500,000$125,000Read More
Nate Sexton2022 – 20254 yrsExtension--Read More
Paul Ulibarri2022 – 20265 yrsExtension--
Jeremy Koling2022 – 20243 yrsExtension--
Isaac Robinson2022 – 20243 yrsExtension--
Albert Tamm2022 – 20265 yrsExtension--
Sarah Hokom2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--
Juliana Korver2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--
Brad Schick2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Niklas Anttila2022 – 20232 yrsExtension--Read More
Michael Johansen2022 – 20243 yrsExtension--Read More
Gregg Barsby2022 – 20243 yrsExtension--Read More
Kristin Tattar2022 – 20254 yrsExtension$500,000$125,000Read More
Kevin Jones2022 – 20254 yrsExtension--Read More
Adam Hammes2022 – 20243 yrsExtension--Read More
Drew Gibson2022 – 203110 yrsExtension--Read More
Paul McBeth2022 – 203110 yrsExtension$10,000,000$1,000,000Read More
Andrew Marwede2022 – 20243 yrsNew--Read More
Eagle McMahon2021 – 20233 yrsExtension--Read More
Väinö Mäkelä2021 – 20233 yrsExtension--Read More
Garrett Gurthie2021 – 20233 yrsExtension--
Paige Pierce2020 – 20234 yrsNew--Read More

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