Past Articles from Mahmoud Bahrani

Mahmoud Bahrani

Mahmoud Bahrani is an Ultiworld reporter and podcaster. He is an experienced producer (ESPN, Central Coast) and a long-time disc golfer.

  1. The Inside Line: Maple Hill

    Are signature holes important?

  2. The Inside Line: Iron Hill

    Tight lines, high difficulty.

  3. The Inside Line: Worlds Preview

    Early rounds are underway!

  4. The Inside Line: The Beast At Nokia

    The European Open was quite the show.

  5. The Inside Line: Elaine King And The Evolution Of Course Design

    How player and spectator safety factors into disc golf course design

  6. The Inside Line: Milo McIver State Park

    How do already great disc golf courses get better?

  7. Back-To-Back Beaver States For McMahon

    Paju missed long attempt to force playoff

  8. Pierce’s First NT Win Of 2019 Exorcises 2018 Demons

    Catrina Allen has finished first or second at every 2019 National Tour event

  9. The Inside Line: Gleneagles & Golden Gate Park

    Disc golf in a major urban center.

  10. The Inside Line: Emporia Country Club [Pt. 2]

    Fitting disc golf properly onto golf courses.

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